Sunday, January 31, 2010


28 States, 7 Union tertories, 1618 Languages, 6400 castes, 6 Religions, 6 Ethnic Groups, 29 Major Festivals all in One Country , YES! That’s INDIA. INDIA is one of the most populus country in the world situated in South Asia. Its a developing country which is countinously developing in every way whether it is in technology, science, agriculture etc. and this fast growing achievement will soon help INDIA to be counted in the list of Developed Countries.

The most Powerful coutnry “United states” President Mr. Barack Hussein Obama have recently admited INDIA as one of the growing powerful country. Because of INDIA’s uniqueness its popular in world. Every year laks of tourist visit INDIA. It’s every state has uniqueness in language, cloths, food, culture, weather etc. Every state feels you like different country.

This is the only country which is having 7 season. Its History is vast and containg lots of things in its womb. You can find every thing in one country and your every visit will fascinate you to visit it again and again. We will continue our trip to India in further post keep on reading.

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