Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today India is celebrating its 63 yr of Independence Day. Every 15th August memorized as the day when India became independent from British rule. This day is also counted as a national holiday. This day Hon’ble Prime Minister hoists the National flag “Tiranga” at Red Fort and delivers speech there. This speech includes all the important issues of nation.

It’s a national festival of India which memorized us our responsibility and sincerity towards India. Our freedom fighters have struggled so much to get us free from British rule. People enjoy this day by flying kites in sky which means we are free as the kites are free to fly in sky. Today I can see everybody is enjoying this day with their friends, neighbors, and relatives who increase our strength and shows that though India is divided in different states and every state has different language, culture, tradition but still we are one India one Nation.

Proud to be Indian and Love your nation

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